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Blessing of farewell

At the time of dying, a simple bedside service of farewell can help the dying person as well as those who are about to be left behind: to give thanks for the past; to ask for forgiveness; and to entrust each other to the love and guidance of God, and thus to let go in peace.

If it is the wish of the dying person, Home Communion can be celebrated together, as a strengthening sharing of the Lordís presence, who has promised to celebrate this meal with us in the house of his heavenly Father.

If a loved one has died already but their body is still physically present (undertakers can be asked to leave our loved one with us for up to 36 hours), a similar service can help those who are left behind to commemorate, honour and forgive the deceased and to spend some time of love together in Godís presence and to let go in peace.

Please do contact the minister to discuss this.