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In unity with the Reformers of the 16th century the United Reformed Church bases itself on the “priesthood of all baptised”. This means that all who are baptised are ministers, in that they minister to others in their lives and to each other in our congregation. We minister to each other in many different ways and offer the services of our time and talents according to each one’s gifts and life situation. We gather and seek new ways forward in our church meetings.


Some members accept a special form of ministry in becoming an ordained elder. Elders serve the congregation in many ways, according to their gifts, but especially in planning and running the church life. They are responsible for what happens and for what may be missing.

Minister of Word and Sacrament

Our most recent minister was Rev Dr Richard Bittleston who ministered at Aston Tirrold URC 2018 to 2021. It is quite common for there to be a period of vacancy between ministers and in the mean time the church is led by the church elders including the church secretary.

Sunday services of worship are conducted by a wide range of ordained ministers and lay preachers and, from within the congregation, a worship group and a music group. When there is a minister at Aston Tirrold, he/she leads a Sunday service about once a month.

The minister also chairs meetings associated with the church and with the elders is mainly responsible for the pastoral care in our congregation.